Hamlet's Memorial and Memories

December 3rd, 2015

The feeling was new and depressing. After learning Hamlet is now deseaced, tears burst out and Dad & I cried. Hamlet was always there when we come home. He greets us with a friendly need to be pet. Although it is hard for me to even pet Hamlet and get allergies, I will always love petting him and hear him purr like an engine. And even though I don't like doing kitty chores, at least I can still remember Hamlet through it. I find it hard to believe Hamlet is dead and not just hiding benhind the computer. I will always miss trying out a diaper on Hamlet and see the effectiveness. God rest his soul.

Hamlet's backstory: Dad caught Hamlet when he was just a few weeks old. And his eyes haven't even opened yet. He had to be fed milk through an eye dropper. His original name was Hamster since he was small and similar. But the named morphed into Hamlet due the fact he wasn't small anymore. He was the youngest and paid ettention to Dad and thought Dad was special. Dad loved how Hamlet played with him and Hamlet will try to chase Dad's hand and attempt to bite it. The end.

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