Play The Propaganda Game Here

The Propaganda Game, By Robert W. Allen and Lorne Greene, was played by my college cohort in the early to mid 1970’s.  Propaganda techniques aided my transition to a mathematician by providing further honing of clean thinking.  That Lorne Greene, by the way, is the very one of the Battlestar Galactica and Bonanza fame who intended to be a chemical engineer.  As stated in their introduction:

Propaganda is a subject of great concern in our society today, perhaps more so than in any other society in history.

Given the conditions of our current age then one must conclude that every age[1] has propaganda as a terrible[2] concern.

The Propaganda Game, unfortunately, appears to be sliding into thermodynamic oblivion[3].  To save it somewhat from obscurity, I revamped it into an online solo game that retains the spirit and bits of the scoring system of the game.  Unfortunately, the exhilarating in-home parlor game experience has to imagined.

[1] Hasty generalization

[2] Emotional terms

[3] Technical jargon