Baylands Park

Shots are from the Sunnyvale, CA Baylands park where drone flying is allowed.  The craft is a DJI PhantomPro wearing an ND2 filter.  The white material is salt.

Here’s a link to a video of the same place.

Graphic Novel

Never can tell what four creative young minds might do one afternoon, but create a graphic novel! I always lift weights in a fez during poker. Doesn’t look like much money to steal anyways.  Is that a slot machine?  And what’s the weird lights lurking on top of the Frigidaire? The gears turn slow in…

Original Joe’s

Original Joe’s in downtown San Jose, CA, was shutting down for remodeling back around May, 2007, and some staff felt they may not be back. I had been eating there for years.  I created this montage to remember those times.