Harry Dole Dodge

Here’s some history for Harry Dole Dodge.

Rick London seems to remember the place.

Harry Dole and the Little Red Wagon Team at Harry Dole Dodge

The above Little Red Wagon appeared at the Hub City Dragway.  Main trick was to do wheelies, which did look odd.

At the Hub City Dragway

The Hub City Dragway was quite a place.  Lots of noise, flames, and smoke from burnt tires and nitromethane.  We also went to Talladega and Daytona in his plane.


Magnolia Classic 74 at Hattiesburg golf course

I did not particularly like golf.  Stories about lightning on the golf course were pretty good, though.


New Garage at Harry Dole Dodge


Worker at Harry Dole Dodge


Service Manager at Harry Dole Dodge

The mechanics were quite a crew.  One of the favorite jokes was to take a capacitor from a distributor cap, charge it up, bend the wire back a bit to the other end, and toss at victim.  When caught, the loose wire connects with the capacitor body, discharging into the victim.  Luckily my guardian angle Bob informed me to not catch anything they tossed my way.