Look Out! Zombies! Big Bender – Indie Edition

I was having a good time making a zombies game with Unity, until something horrible happened when I upgraded something.  Still, there are some things left, like the following screenshot from a roller coaster that was one of my favorites.

Screenshot from amusement park in LOZBBIE as the ride crests.

The “Big Bender” bit comes from the location set in Big Bend, Texas, as can be seen in the game’s map.  Yes, that’s a plot device volcano in the center.

“Look Out! Zombies! Big Bender – Indie Edition” map based on Big Bend National Park showing a one kilometer grid.

Starts with the Cosmic Bunny emitting a pellet bouncing off Mars, the Moon and the Jade Bunny, and a space station orbiting earth releasing a cache of doctored carrots de-orbiting to a cathedral in Big Bend where the pastor keeps a bunny farm taking great interest in hot carrots.  Meanwhile, you’re driving in from the north as you see stuff above you hurtling into the far distance, and the radio fades.  Must be bad reception in the hinterlands.  Later you pull off the highway into Shanty Town for non-existent gas for the beginning of a stormy night.  That’s the lead screenshot where the game begins.

I integrated an exceptional emotion engine where I put a web front end on it:

Relationships between characters also have an editor on the “Relations” tab.  Betty is Andromeda’s mother for which Andromeda does not quite reciprocate her feelings.  We see that Andromeda is a member of the Animal faction, with respective feelings set.  Bacho is Apache for Wolf and you can see where this is going.

Inheritance defines how members of groups interact, and conversations are between characters.