About Harry Dole – History and Adventures

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History and adventures of Harry Dole follow herein.

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Harry Dole, Current Position


Sr R&D Manager, Director, 2004 – current

I manage a team making a product called IC WorkBench – Edit/View Plus.  It’s a product that has some concerns with GDS.

Previous Positions

Cadence Design Systems

Senior member of the consulting staff, 2001 – 2004

I did performance analysis on the Virtuoso product, including VXL.  I managed a small farm of machines running 24×7 running performance test jobs.  Managed in php, it has priority queues, jobs downloading from a mysql server, and errant jobs posting via email to folks that subscribing to various portions of the test hierarchy.  I also worked on OpenAccess2.0 as it emerged, though had some difficulties with the extant architects in how multi-threading access should occur and how generic interfaces could be implemented with regards to OA2 and the current Virtuoso database.  This harkens back to the days at Fujitsu where the plan was to implement tooling in terms of standard interfaces.

Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc

Chief Software Architect

Fujitsu Software Award 2001

Manager, Special Projects


Patent:  Methodology Server Based Integrated Circuit Design

An environment for designing integrated circuits. Computers include browsers for displaying pages of forms, with the computers in communication with a methodology server and a compute server. The methodology server contains design methodologies accessed by the computers, with the design methodologies defining steps of designing and testing of integrated circuits. The computers or methodology server are also in communication with a compute server. The compute server executes electronic design automation tools as requested.

Here’s a presentation I largely made that my boss David Dick gave regarding IPSymphony.

Dazix, Veribest Electronics

This is in effect still Intergraph, or Intergraph Electronics.  I transferred from the Clipper division to the electronics software division after they bought out Dazix.  Eventually this became a vague spin-off called Veribest.

Sr R&D Manager


My time spent teaching calculus came off well here as a lot of time is spent talking to clients and giving presentations.

But the more economically significant part is assisting in winning the NAVAIR/SPAWAR CAD contract in the early 90’s.


CAD manager, 1987 – 1991

Intergraph bought the Clipper microprocessor team when Fairchild went under, so it was a smooth transition to Intergraph.

Tangent Data Systems:  Adapted and worked with Tangate and the early variants of LEF/DEF.  Intergraph sold Tangent to Cadence Design Systems, so somehow I got the job to go into Cadence’s offices to port Virtuoso to the Clipper platform to promote more folks to buy Intergraph machines.

I managed the CAD production of the Clipper C3 and C4 microprocessors.  The C4 had a lot of floorplanning techniques incorporated into the the Interconnect Description Language (IDL) that the gate-slingers use to hook up the standard cells.  Essentially this was an easily described clustering method in the high-level language for the interconnects.

VAX VMS-780 and Ultrix until the Clipper C100’s arrived in cards for slipping into desktop IBM PC clones.

Hung a lot of Clipper Versatec plots on the walls.  One compiler worker was having some difficulty with the barrel shifter, and I pointed out to him it was right outside his door.  He looked at me oddly as I showed him the reasonably simple data path on the wall.

Fairchild Semiconductor

CAD engineer, manager, 1984 – 1987

Intro To Categorical Computing

Incremental Static Timing Analyzer

Contributed to C Behavioral Programming Language

Versatec plotter drivers

University of Texas San Antonio

Assistant professor of mathematics, 1981 – 1983

Taught calculus, linear algebra, typical undergraduate math stuff.  I recall my business math 101 class having 99 students where the threshold for a teacher’s assistant is 100.  When I tried to get my prof’s parking permit I had trouble at the desk as the attending woman did not seem to believe I have the appearance of a prof.  Need haircut.


University of Chicago, Mathematics, PhD., 1981

Being the only place that accepting me, out of Harvard and Princeton and Chicago, I was off to study under Saunders Mac Lane as one of the two co-founders of Category Theory.  Luckily he took me in as a student.  I thank Ed Oxford at USM for that insight to go to Chicago.  Learning category theory changes the way you think.  Here’s my reference in the Math Genealogy Project.

University of Southern Mississippi, BA, 1975

Getting a BA in mathematics is a bit unusual.  I discover about 2.5 years into it that I have enough hours to graduate, but not enough to cover a science minor.  I have plenty of hours in languages (French and German) as I need them for the PhD language exams.  So the USM Dean grants me a BA instead of a BS in mathematics.

I was also a major photographer for the 1975 USM yearbook The Southerner as some of these photos made it, plus some others on this site.


1970: Olivetti Programma 101

1971: IBM 360/40

1982:  IBM 370

1983:  Zenith Z100

1984:  VAX/VMS 780

1985:  VAX/Ultrix 780

1986:  Clipper microprocessor

and so on