Graphic Novel

Never can tell what four creative young minds might do one afternoon, but create a graphic novel!

The game begins

I always lift weights in a fez during poker.

Wha??? Cheating??!!

Doesn’t look like much money to steal anyways.  Is that a slot machine?  And what’s the weird lights lurking on top of the Frigidaire?

Did you see that?

The gears turn slow in these two.

After them!

Of course, they went up the stairs past a player piano(?).

They won’t get away!

Such ferocity with braces!

Where’d they go?

Fez to beret, you dress weird, man.    Suspenders and a belt?

Charge from the faux roman ruins across the cat barrier!

That must be Air Force coming down the stairs.

This will stop them!

Ooh, la, la!

Shoot it!

This won’t hurt a bit.

One on two on one!

Group hug.


What happened to the fourth guy?

Aren’t they getting away?

Oh, he had shorts on.  And the other one kept his pants on for sure.